Construction Services

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We recognize that new construction sites offer the greatest potential to deliver a well-planned and custom-designed Information Transport System (ITS) that will serve your current needs as well as provide scalability for future growth.

At your new location, a COM1® RCDD will work with you to design and implement an efficient, scalable and structured ITS which will provide pathways for all of your present communication systems as well as anticipate the emerging integration of a diverse number of communications systems.

A pre-construction meeting and site survey will offer an excellent opportunity to identify critical ITS parameters including the selection of the type and amount of cabling needed. This in turn could influence the number and size of Telecommunication Rooms and the type and location of cabling pathways required. Pre-construction planning is the critical step for ensuring not only a state of the art ITS but also ensuring that it is implemented on time and within budget with every step of the project.

To ensure your design is scalable and flexible for future needs, industry standards such as EIA/TIA and BICSI best practices are the basis of our ITS designs. Your communication network is the focus of how your business interacts with the marketplace and your ITS foundation for you network. A clean, straightforward and professionally installed system that is well documented will assist with moves, adds, changes and system service for the life of the system.

COM1® offers both design assist and design build services.

Once designed and implemented, your ITS will be the backbone that supports your communication systems as well as a number of other mission critical networks such as security, building automation and paging. COM1® is well-versed in the planning, procurement and implementation of structured Information Transport Systems. No matter how small or complex, COM1® is committed to provide our clients with the an ITS that meets current and future demands.

COM1® Construction Cabling Services include the installation of cabling for:

  • Voice

  • Data

  • Video

  • Access Control

  • Paging  

  • Building Management Systems